Can Physical Therapy Care Help With Pregnancy Pains?

Some people may consider Physical Therapy methods relatively unorthodox when compared to traditional medicine. Physical Therapy focuses on the spine, the central nervous system (CNS), and how the CNS contributes to pain. Misplaced vertebrae can cause excessive pressure on the nerves throughout the spine; which can be interpreted by the body as pain in another region. In other words, a patient may experience pain in their leg, however, the injury is located in the spine. Physical Therapists help alleviate this pain by making adjustments to the spine in order to reduce pressure on the nerves.

Though Physical Therapists mainly have a reputation for addressing lower back and neck pain, many pregnant patients agree that Physical Therapy treatment is helpful in reducing pregnancy pains. In fact, it is relatively common for Physical Therapists to treat pregnant women; some Physical Therapists are even specially trained to treat pregnant women’s’ needs. Occasionally, special tables are present in practices that are designed specifically for pregnant women to allow the Physical Therapist to perform techniques without placing additional pressure on the fetus.

Physiological and endocrinological changes are common during pregnancy. Postural adaptations, protruding abdomen, and pelvic changes can increase back curve which may result in sore joints or a misaligned spine. Producing a balance in pelvic alignment is one benefit to obtaining Physical Therapy treatment during a pregnancy. If a woman’s pelvis is out of position, it can decrease the room for the fetus to develop; this is known as intrauterine constraint. This reduced space may cause difficulty for the baby to attain the proper position during delivery. Unfortunately, breech babies pose a danger to both the baby and the mother as they can require C-sections.

Physical Therapy treatment during pregnancy may provide additional assistance for expecting mothers in various ways. Advantages of Physical Therapy treatment during pregnancy include reduced time for labor and delivery and controlled symptoms of nausea. It may also help reduce neck, back, and joint pain during and post pregnancy. Physical Therapy treatment can help advance recovery of the postpartum process. By correcting the misalignments that may occur during labor, the mother’s body may function at full capability to allow for healing. Physical Therapy treatment is also effective in correcting posture problems or back pain caused by carrying the newborn.

If you are experiencing pain during pregnancy, consider seeking the aid of a licensed Physical Therapist uch as the Physical Therapist Rockville, MD locals turn to. The Physical Therapist may be able to help reduce the pain associated with pregnancy as well as increase your recovery time.

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning affects many Americans every year. The majority of these victims are children. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 2.5% of all American children have elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream. Elevated lead level can directly lead to a lower IQ and learning disabilities.

Filing a Civil Suit for Lead Poisoning

It is likely that many victims of lead poisoning have not gotten the legal help they need. Almost all American homes contained lead paint before 1978. If children living in these homes breathe in lead paint dust they are in danger of lead poisoning. The risk of lead poisoning also increases when older homes are remodeled without the proper precautions.

Parents of children with lead poisoning can file lawsuits on their behalf.  Children who are exposed to even a little bit of lead are at risk of brain damage. Exposure to even a small amount of lead can potentially cause mild to severe brain damage. If your child has suffered lead poisoning, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents have turned to in the past right away.

Effects of Lead Poisoning

Children who are seven and younger are the most at danger of developing mental disabilities from lead poisoning. The effects of lead poisoning in children are irreversible. Children who suffer lead poisoning may experience stunted growth, severe headaches, hearing difficulties, learning problems and brain damage.

Lead poisoning can also affect adults. They may experience digestive issues, muscle aches, nerve damage, high blood pressure and problems during pregnancy.

If your child suffered lead poisoning, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has experience dealing with lead poisoning lawsuits. He or she knows what to expect and may improve your chances of winning fair compensation. A lawyer can communicate with insurance adjusters on your behalf and protect your rights.

During your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer, you may be asked a lot of questions, such as how your child developed lead poisoning and how it has affected his or her health. Make sure to include as many details as possible in your answers. If you have any evidence pertaining to your case, such as medical records, remember to bring them with you to the consultation.


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What Evidence is Required for a Personal Injury Claim?

Accidents are unexpected and can be traumatic for all involved. Evaluating the type of information needed when sorting through your personal claim can be overwhelming and frustrating. Having a clear idea of what information you will need to gather will help in having the best possible outcome. An experienced attorney, like a personal injury or auto accident lawyer Memphis TN relies on, can help you feel prepared when filing your personal injury lawsuit and give you a clear understanding of the process.

Proving Liability

A successful personal injury claim proves that the defendant’s negligence resulted in the accident. Having specific evidence is vital in proving to the courts that the other person acted negligently. Preparing the appropriate documentation with the help of your attorney will ensure that you are awarded the compensation you are entitled to.

It will be important to provide specific evidence to your attorney prior to filing the lawsuit. This will help the attorney to evaluate your evidence and determine if you have all that is needed for a victorious claim. This should include:

  • Specific details regarding the scene where the accident took place. For example, if there was a car accident or an injury sustained on someone’s property, having a sketch or photograph detailing the scene will be useful in explaining to the courts how you were injured.
  • Medical documentation of your injuries
  • Photographs of the injuries you sustained
  • Testimony from people who saw the incident occur
  • If the police were at the scene, any reports that were filed by them should be included.
  • Clear documentation detailing out the expenses you incurred as a result of your injury. For example: medical expenses, hospital bills, co pays, medication costs, time missed from work, and personal items that may have been damaged from the accident

There is a lot that needs to be compiled for a successful personal injury claim. It may be helpful to keep your own record detailing the events of what happened on the day of the accident. This could also include the experience you had following the accident and how you were impacted as a result of the injury. This could include dates that you made specific calls to providers as well. Creating this timeline of events may be helpful in keeping track of all occurrences from the start of the accident and ending with the court process.  

The extent of evidence that is needed may seem staggering, but staying organized and keeping clear records will help to keep track of all that is needed for your claim. It is vital utilize an attorney who works with personal injury lawsuits when evaluating what may be needed to prove that the defendant was negligent.


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Avoid Making a Car Accident Worse

It is stressful enough to be in a car accident, the worst thing you can do is make it harder for yourself. You may be inclined to make mistakes during such a stressful incident, so it is best to try to avoid any irrational decision-making. Read the five pointers below on how to avoid worsening your situation.

  1.     Don’t leave the scene of the crime after the accident.

Surprisingly, it is very common for people to leave the scene after car accidents. If you do leave before you are supposed to, then you could be criminally charged if anyone suffered injuries. Besides the legal implications, you should stay behind to document the scene with photos if possible and exchange contact information with anyone else involved.

  1.     Call the police regardless of the severity of the crash.

It does not matter how serious the incident is, you should always call the police. They will come to investigate and write a report. They will document any details that you may not remember or notice due to your shocked state. A report can actually help you should you take the case to your insurance company or file a personal injury claim.

  1.     Don’t own any blame or fault after the accident.

Even if you are certain you caused the accident, you should never accept any blame. You should try to remain calm and allow the police to come investigate. Answer the officer’s questions honestly, but also don’t automatically take all responsibility for the accident. If you do, you may not get your insurance claim approved.

  1.     Remain calm and composed.

You may be inclined to react emotionally after such a serious incident, but you must try to remain as composed as possible. If you engage angrily with the other person involved, it will surely worsen the situation. Everyone should try to be calm throughout the process.

  1.     You shouldn’t turn down medical treatment.

You may feel perfectly ok or feel that your accident wasn’t serious enough to cause an injury. However, medical treatment is still advised after any accident, especially because symptoms may not appear right away after the accident. You could be putting yourself in danger if you aren’t checked out right away as you may have sustained a serious injury without knowing it. If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, then you will need medical records documenting injuries and doctor’s visits up to the day of the accident. If you don’t have adequate proof, then you may be denied any compensation even if you did experience serious injuries as a result of the accident.


What will aid you in avoiding worsening your situation is to contact a lawyer, like a workers compensation lawyer Milwaukee WI trusts, immediately, especially if you plan on pursuing compensation for damages. Call an experienced attorney today if you think you have a case for personal injury.

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Hospital Negligence Lawyer Orlando, FL

5 Common Ways That Plastic Surgery Can Go Wrong

Most people get plastic surgery because they feel it will improve their lives in one way or another. Many potential patients also view plastic surgery as a low-risk operation. For this reason, some patients are unaware of the serious risks involved and potential results. Thus, it is important to make an informed decision before going under the knife. Here are five ways that plastic surgery procedures commonly go wrong.

  1. The Perils of Anesthesia. Most plastic surgery procedures require that the patient goes unconscious beforehand by using anesthesia. This process can be dangerous regardless of the underlying surgery. Patients receiving anesthesia risk suffering any combination of the following:
    1. Heart attack.
    2. Stroke.
    3. Lung infection.
    4. Death.
    5. Disorientation.
    6. Chills.
    7. In rare cases patients become conscious during the surgery.
  1. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Leading to Pulmonary Embolism. DVT is a common occurrence in plastic surgeries that go wrong. DVT occurs when a deep vein contains a blood clot. When the blood clot moves through the body into the lungs it’s then considered a pulmonary embolism. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that pulmonary thromboembolism is the major cause of death in liposuction procedures.
  1. Seroma. Seroma is a common complication after tummy tuck procedures. It involves the collection of blood serum underneath the skin. The result is a red, painful, blister-like condition. Sometimes an occurrence of seroma gets infected and requires immediate medical attention.
  1. Unsightly scarring. The intent of plastic surgery is to beautify one’s body. Scarring is the last thing most patients want as a result of plastic surgery. And yet, many procedures can cause scarring as an undesired side effect.
  1. Breast augmentation procedures are where scarring is most likely to occur.
  2. Hypertrophic scarring can result along the cut lines for implants. This type of scarring is highly visible and protrudes from the skin as a red, scaly mark. Such scarring is likely to ruin the desired look of breast augmentation.
  1. Hematoma. Hematoma is a risk that accompanies all surgical procedures in general. It is also one of the risks related to breast augmentation surgery. In fact, it occurs in approximately six percent of such procedures. It also a frequent occurrence with facelift patients. Hematoma shows up as bruising that results from the collection of blood under the skin. Once Hematoma is present it is necessary to have an additional procedure to remove the excess blood.

An Undesired Result

Apart from the medical risks involved with plastic surgery there is a more personal one. A procedure may not produce the results the patient expected at the start. This may be for many reasons such as the surgeon’s skill level or the unique way one’s body responds to plastic surgery. Communication between a doctor and patient is key when planning a surgery to understand the potential outcome.

Plastic Surgery is Still Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery has the potential to harm the body rather than improve it. Some of the complications that occur may be due to failures on the part of the surgeon. When a patient suffers harm as part of a medical procedure he or she may have certain legal remedies. It is important to contact a medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL trusts immediately if complications arise so that you can determine if legal redress is available.

Contact Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. at (786) 460-7030 for a free consultation or fill out a contact form if you’ve been harmed during a medical procedure.  You may be eligible for compensation.

Structured Settlement or Lump Sum: Which is Better After a Personal Injury?

Structured vs. Lump Sum Settlements Following a Personal Injury

A personal injury settlement can be necessary to compensating a victim for financial burdens caused by an injury. Each personal injury claim differs based on the severity of the injury and the required compensation for the damages. For this reason, personal injury settlements can be disbursed as a lump sum or structured settlement to be paid periodically. When a person wins a personal injury award, they may have the option to decide which settlement they would like to receive.

It is important to choose a settlement that is best fit for your needs and situation. It can be hard to make clear and objective decisions when directly involved, so it is advised to consult with a personal injury lawyer. They can review your situation and help you decide whether a lump sum or structured settlement will be best.


Lump Sum vs. Structured Settlement

A lump sum settlement is a one-time payment made in whole. Lump sums are commonly preferred in minor to moderate claims that involve minimal damages and compensation. If the settlement award is fairly large, this may not be the best option.

If a victim suffers severe injuries and damages, especially ones that will require a long recovery, a settlement award is likely to compensate accordingly. In such cases, receiving a lump sum can be overwhelming and impractical. A structured settlement disburses the payment periodically, which is ideal for long-term medical costs or even just budgeting. In such case, you are still able to receive a lump sum of the amount at the time of the settlement.


Advantages of Structured Settlements



A structured settlement is not confined to strict periodic payments, but instead offers you flexible payment options. Typically, in a structured settlement, you have the option to receive an initial lump sum followed by a payment plan of your choice. This means you are able to immediately recover a sum of money that may be needed to pay off medical bills or other outstanding expenses. With the remaining balance, you have the ability to create a payment plan beneficial to your situation. This allows for a planned distribution of finances for future expenses. You may also have the ability to schedule the distribution of another large sum of money in the future.

Although this flexibility has major advantages, everything must be planned and decided before the settlement is signed. One a settlement is legally agreed on, it is finalized and cannot be changed.


Money Management

Structured settlements come with a number of benefits, including the ability to better manage your settlement award. Since lump sums come in one payment, it can be hard to manage the way in which you save, spend and distribute such a large amount of money. A structured settlement allows you to manage the amount of money you can receive and spend over a period of time, which ensures that you will have money when it’s needed.


Tax Savings

Personal injury settlements are always tax free, however, once you invest the award, any interest or dividends accrued are taxable. Structured settlements are usually paid as annuity which are tax-deferred. Since this money will not be in your possession all at once, it will not accrue taxable interest. Lump sum settlements are a little different. Since you receive all of the money at once, the money is likely to be invested in a greater amount and for a longer period, which will accrue more taxable interest. Overall, you will probably end up paying significantly less in taxes with a structured settlement.



The way in which you handle your settlement can affect the rest of your life, so it’s important to thoroughly consider all of your options before making any decisions. An experienced attorney such as the Brain Injury Lawyer Phoenix, AZ locals trust can help you choose a settlement and payment strategy best fit for you situation.

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Personal Injury & Sexual Harassment

As our work places began to evolve, you have men who are taking traditionally female roles like nurses and stay at home moms and more female employees are taking on role of entrepreneur and CEO.  Despite the change in the times, the wage gap is still prevalent; little change has occurred but there is still a ways to go.  With the changes in roles, things like sexual harassment remain an old foe.  While it is assumed that women are the only one who are subjected to sexual harassment that is not always the case.  Sexual harassment consists of jokes that are sexual in nature and make you feel uncomfortable, requests for sexual favors, unwelcome touching, rubbing, or hugging, requests for private meetings outside of work, and use of inappropriate body images to advertise events, just to name a few.  Though all of the above are examples of sexual harassment, as a lay person, not well versed in the application of the law, you should seek assistance to find out what your options are.

In most cases of sexual harassment, both the individual as well as the employer can be subjected to civil action following the incident.  The range of injury will likely address the emotional, mental , and physical facets of the case. Because of the possible involvement or lack of action by the company, a principal called, “respondent superior” becomes relevant in that it translates as “let the master answer”.  In this context it means that employers are responsible for the actions of their employees who are performing tasks within the scope of their employment. This is better for the victims, as most companies will be able to better compensate you, in the event your cries for assistance went unheard and brushed under the carpet.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you should contact an experienced attorney, like a personal injury attorney Dekalb County GA can count on, to better gauge what your rights are as soon as possible.  Because sexual harassment is a form of personal injury, due to its mental, physical, or emotional injury, an attorney with personal injury experience will be able to review the facts of the case and direct you on what will happen next.   Your attorney will be able pinpoint the issue, determine what your options are, and with your help, devise a plan of attack that get you the compensation you deserve. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace or any common place whether you’re male or female.

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5 Disturbing Cases of Medical Malpractice

When we visit a hospital or doctor’s office, we’re putting a lot of trust into a stranger and expect that we will be handled with professionalism and care.  Unfortunately, there are many times that doctors or hospitals are negligent and can make a mistake that leads to injury or even death.  When this happens, many pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Here are 5 disturbing cases of medical malpractice:


  1. Dana Carvey’s Surgeon Bypasses The Wrong Artery


Many know Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live.  Back in 1998, after worsening chest pains, Carvey realized he had restricted blood flow to his heart.  He underwent multiple surgeries, including a double bypass operation.  But the chest pains continued.  After returning to a doctor, they realized why: his surgeon had bypassed the wrong artery.  Carvey settled his medical malpractice suit for $7.5 million and thankfully went on to have a successful procedure done by a different surgeon. Source.


  1. Surgeons Forget Their Tool Inside A Patient


After removing a large malignant tumor, Donald Church still said he was in excruciating pain after the surgery.  At first, the doctors said that it was normal post-operation pain, but he found out the real reason roughly 2 months later: his surgeons had left a 13-inch long metal, malleable retractor behind.  The hospital took full responsibility and awarded Church $97,000.  Source.


  1. Wrong Leg Amputated


In 1995, after a diabetic patient was admitted to a hospital for a leg amputation, surgeons mistakenly amputated the wrong leg.  He later had to have his remaining leg amputated as well.  The hospital settled for $900,000 with an additional $250,000 settlement with the surgeon. Source.


  1. Man On Life Support Passes After Ingesting Ketchup Packets, Plastic Bags


A man was placed in an assisted living situation after suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury in a car accident.  After just one month, he began vomiting and passed away; the autopsy revealed he had ingested ketchup packets, candy wrappers, plastic bags, and paper towels which had blocked his airway.  The assisted living home not only knew of his propensity to ingest foreign objects before, but they also boasted 24 hour surveillance of all patients.  His family was awarded $11 million.  Source.


These are unfortunately one of many stories of hospitals or medical facilities acting negligently and causing harm.  While it’s impossible to eliminate all risk during procedures, you have legal options to consider if you are injured.  Contact Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., who has a proven track record of recovering compensation for their clients if you have been harmed during a medical procedure.

How Will Chiropractic Expenses be Covered after Slip and Fall Injury?

A common type of personal injury is when someone has a slip and fall accident. They are quite common due to the fact that they can happen anywhere. There are many factors that may contribute to a slip and fall: wet floors without the appropriate signage, poorly constructed stairwells, and broken flooring are just a few. When you have suffered an injury as the result of a slip and fall, you may decide that it is appropriate to file a personal injury claim. This is when a person has sustained physical injuries and suffered financially from an accident that was sustained from a negligent property owner.

Requesting Compensation for Damages

There are two methods that are often used when trying to prove that the medical expenses you are attempting to recover were from the accident that you suffered from. Common ways to prove this are by providing a medical bill detailing out your expenses and including detailed medical documentation from your chiropractor. It is vital that you have documentation detailing the medical treatment that was received to prove the need for chiropractic medicine. Without these important documents, you could be denied compensation.

Chiropractic Care

You may be required to seek treatment from an experienced chiropractor such as the Chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD locals have been trusting for years. Soft tissue injury occurs when your muscles and/or tendons are damaged as the result of a strain. A chiropractor who specializes in the type of treatment you require can provide relief to a victim suffering from pain or an injury due to a slip and fall accident.

Documentation detailing your injuries, and the care you received from your chiropractor, can be useful information for your personal claim. Records from your chiropractor will include the treatment you received to alleviate symptoms incurred from the injury. Utilizing the medical records from your treatment as part of your personal injury claim will help to prove your case.

It is important that before settlement is reached, you have completely recovered from the slip and fall injury. This is important because most injuries settle before they ever go to trial, if you are not completely healed prior to settlement, you could receive additional medical expenses that you will not be compensated for through the settlement. For injury claims, receiving chiropractic care is considered an acceptable form of medical treatment. An attorney well versed in personal injury may be of service to you in the event that you have to justify chiropractic treatment.

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When Workers’ Compensation Insurance is Not Enough

Workers’ compensation laws have been put in place in one form or another in all 50 states. Regardless of who caused a workplace accident, workers compensation insurance is intended to protect workers when they’re injured on the job. The general rule is that workers’ compensation is an employee’s sole and exclusive legal remedy when injured on the job.

Benefits and Compensation

How much an injured employee might receive in workers’ compensation benefits depends on the nature and extent of his or her injury. Along with medical bills and lost earnings, five other types of compensation are payable. Those are:

  • Temporary total disability for when the injured employee is unable to work
  • Temporary partial disability for light duty work at a lower pay rate
  • Permanent partial disability for actual physical loss
  • Permanent total disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits

Should an injury suffered at work leave an employee completely disabled and unable to work, that employee might be in a position to receive a sum equal to about two-thirds of his or her weekly wage for life. That might seem like fair and just compensation, but if that worker was earning $36,000 a year, he or she will fall $900 short at the end of every month. That’s when workers’ compensation just isn’t enough.

Third Party Claims

A notable exception to workers’ compensation benefits as an injured employee’s sole and exclusive remedy is when the employee is injured as a result of the negligent act of a third party who wasn’t a co-employee or employer. For example, an employee of ABC Carpentry might be severely injured at work as a result of the negligence of an electrician employed by XYZ Electric. When that happens, the injured carpenter is allowed to collect workers’ compensation benefits while maintaining a civil personal injury lawsuit against XYZ Electric and its employee at the same time.

A variety of damages not contemplated by workers’ compensation laws can be sought in that personal injury lawsuit example. Those include but aren’t limited to pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of a normal life. When added up with other damages, an award in a personal injury lawsuit can significantly exceed benefits payable through workers’ compensation.

The Workers’ Compensation Lien

The law doesn’t allow a person to have two damage recoveries for the same injury. By virtue of that rule of law, the employer maintains a lien on any sums derived through a settlement or verdict in the personal injury case. For example, if the employer’s insurer paid out $125,000 in workers’ compensation benefits, it’s entitled to the first $125,000 of proceeds derived in the personal injury case. Under what’s known as the “fund doctrine,” it must pay attorney fees to the law firm that created the fund from which it’s being reimbursed. The insurer might also agree to be reimbursed a sum that’s substantially less than its total lien. Those funds can be passed on to the injured employee.

A successful third party action might be a seriously injured employee’s financial lifeline. When an attorney, like the Glendale workers compensation lawyers employees can count on, represents an individual who suffered severe injuries at work, he or she must conduct a full and complete investigation as to whether or not a viable third party claim exists.

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