Birth Injuries

There are many other things to worry about after just delivering your newborn child. Adjusting to a new life, as well as the excitement for a new chapter. In the midst of all of your great news, the very last thing you would want to hear is that your child suffered a birth injury. Birth injuries differ from birth defects as they are typically caused from difficulties during labor and delivery. In some instances, birth injuries began before labor and delivery, depending on prenatal medical care.  

Many birth injury attorneys only specialize in one birth injury, such as cerebral palsy which is the leading birth injury in the United States. However, in the case of one of the following injuries, contact a birth injuries Decatur GA trusts:



Because birth defects and birth injuries are very similar, it may be hard to determine if labor or delivery complications caused the injury. You may be able to file a claim for a birth injury, but not necessarily a birth defect, so it is important to determine which your child has suffered from. An injury does not entirely secure a successful legal claim, so be sure to speak with an experienced attorney that knows how to fight your unique case. Some doctors use reasonable and competent judgement that may cause injury, but does not deem them liable. However, if a doctor’s incompetent misjudgment indeed causes a birth injury, there are chances that you will have a valid legal claim against said doctor.

A birth injury claim may also be obtainable if a drug that was prescribed under the care of a doctor or pharmacist causes an injury to the child. There is a possibility that a birth injury claim can be filed against both the doctor or pharmacist, and even the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

If you happen to be in situation here you believe a birth injury has occurred, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney to evaluate your case to decide whether your case is legitimate. Birth injury cases are not easy to fight so it is in your best interest to hire an attorney that is skilled and experienced as soon as the injury is established.

Thank you to our friend and contributor, Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., for his insight on this delicate subject.