Can Physical Therapy Care Help With Pregnancy Pains?

Some people may consider Physical Therapy methods relatively unorthodox when compared to traditional medicine. Physical Therapy focuses on the spine, the central nervous system (CNS), and how the CNS contributes to pain. Misplaced vertebrae can cause excessive pressure on the nerves throughout the spine; which can be interpreted by the body as pain in another region. In other words, a patient may experience pain in their leg, however, the injury is located in the spine. Physical Therapists help alleviate this pain by making adjustments to the spine in order to reduce pressure on the nerves.

Though Physical Therapists mainly have a reputation for addressing lower back and neck pain, many pregnant patients agree that Physical Therapy treatment is helpful in reducing pregnancy pains. In fact, it is relatively common for Physical Therapists to treat pregnant women; some Physical Therapists are even specially trained to treat pregnant women’s’ needs. Occasionally, special tables are present in practices that are designed specifically for pregnant women to allow the Physical Therapist to perform techniques without placing additional pressure on the fetus.

Physiological and endocrinological changes are common during pregnancy. Postural adaptations, protruding abdomen, and pelvic changes can increase back curve which may result in sore joints or a misaligned spine. Producing a balance in pelvic alignment is one benefit to obtaining Physical Therapy treatment during a pregnancy. If a woman’s pelvis is out of position, it can decrease the room for the fetus to develop; this is known as intrauterine constraint. This reduced space may cause difficulty for the baby to attain the proper position during delivery. Unfortunately, breech babies pose a danger to both the baby and the mother as they can require C-sections.

Physical Therapy treatment during pregnancy may provide additional assistance for expecting mothers in various ways. Advantages of Physical Therapy treatment during pregnancy include reduced time for labor and delivery and controlled symptoms of nausea. It may also help reduce neck, back, and joint pain during and post pregnancy. Physical Therapy treatment can help advance recovery of the postpartum process. By correcting the misalignments that may occur during labor, the mother’s body may function at full capability to allow for healing. Physical Therapy treatment is also effective in correcting posture problems or back pain caused by carrying the newborn.

If you are experiencing pain during pregnancy, consider seeking the aid of a licensed Physical Therapist uch as the Physical Therapist Rockville, MD locals turn to. The Physical Therapist may be able to help reduce the pain associated with pregnancy as well as increase your recovery time.

Thanks to authors at Pain and Arthritis Center for their insight into Physical Therapy Care.