Five Reasons Your Airbag May Not Deploy

In the event of a car accident, there can be cause serious repercussions if the airbag does not deploy properly. Airbags are one of the most vital safety features in automobiles. Any defects in the manufacturing or design can result in a deploy failure.

An airbag working correctly can greatly increase the chances of a driver being able to walk away from the car collision. You may be wondering why an airbag may not deploy, especially when it is needed the most. Failure of an airbag to release can happen due to a variety of reasons, including any of the following listed below.

Nature of the Collision

The kind of collision can be a huge factor in whether an airbag deploys or not. Depending on where exactly the car was hit, airbag sensors may not have been triggered. For example, frontal airbags may not release in rollovers, side, or rear car crashes. The location of the impact is more of a determinant of if the airbag will release than the vehicle speed at time of collision. Frontal airbags should deploy in moderate to more severe crashes when the car is hit in the front bumper or corners.

Faulty Airbag Sensors

It is possible the airbag sensors did not detect the impact due to a manufacturer error. An airbag must be tested for defects in design, sensors, calibration, and software. In some scenarios, there may have been a lack of airbag sensors placed in the car to accurately detect the crash. Unfortunately, a manufacturer may have tried to save money by cutting corners when it came to airbag effectiveness and driver safety.

Severed Wiring

Airbag failures can happen if the manufacturer routed wires between areas in the car that are susceptible to being cut off in the event of a car crash. By installing wires into vulnerable areas, it can impair the airbag ability to detect and deploy when needed.

Poorly Designed Electrical Components

Airbag failures may be caused due to poorly designed electrical components and faulty steering column clock springs. This can often be seen in collisions where one or two airbags successfully deploy, but another fails to release.

Flawed Airbag Modules

Flawed modules of the airbag can contribute to airbag firing failure. In some cases, impact signals worked properly and airbags were deployed, but there was no response from the airbag module. This can happen because of design defects, and poor quality control protocols of manufacturers.

Airbag manufacturers and other companies have a legal duty to create safe technology that is intended to save the life of drivers who endure car collisions. When purchasing a car, consumers assume safety equipment including the airbag, has been properly tested and works effectively. If an airbag fails to deploy, it can cause severe injuries such as spine, neck, head and internal injuries. Many people choose to consult with an attorney, like a skilled Milwaukee personal injury lawyer trusts, if their airbag didn’t deploy during a substantial car collision. An attorney can help you decide if your airbag may have failed due to manufacturer negligence.

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