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Can I Sue if My Baby Was Harmed by Forceps During Birth?

If your baby was delivered with the aid of forceps, it’s known that not every birth goes according to plan, as a wrongful birth lawyer in Orlando, Florida from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. can explain. Sometimes, intervention is necessary. Unfortunately, other times intervention is not necessary but is utilized anyway. In either scenario, it is possible that mama and/or baby could suffer as a result of a traumatic birth experience. Sometimes birth injuries occur despite the best possible medical care. And other times, medical negligence and/or recklessness may contribute to the development of birth injuries. It can be very difficult to tell at first glance whether medical negligence has contributed to any given injury, given that most new parents are not physicians themselves and are therefore not well-versed in current best practices for physicians, nurses and other medical personnel.

If your baby was injured during a forceps delivery, please consider connecting with a wrongful birth lawyer in Orlando, FL today. Once we better understand the circumstances surrounding your baby’s birth, we will be able to help you better understand what happened to your child and will be able to advise you of any legal options currently available to you. If you ultimately have grounds to file a legal claim against your hospital, physician or others responsible for the harm your baby has suffered and you opt to file such a claim, an Orlando, FL wrongful birth lawyer  from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. can provide you with legal guidance and support as you navigate that process.

Why would overwhelmed new parents take time to learn about their legal rights? Filing a successful legal claim in the wake of injury may result in two primary outcomes. First, making this effort helps to ensure that no other babies suffer similarly in the future. Second, successful legal claims tend to result in both economic and noneconomic financial awards that help parents cover expenses like medical bills. Filing a legal claim is an investment worth considering, if your child has been harmed during the birth process.

Birth Injury Guidance Is Available

If your baby was recently injured during a delivery that was impacted by the use of forceps, please consider scheduling a consultation with a wrongful birth lawyer in Orlando, FL at your earliest possible convenience. As you are a new parent, you are likely overwhelmed with the demands of caring for your infant and getting to know your baby. Please understand that consulting with our firm will not take up a great deal of time or energy. We know how precious these first days, weeks and months are with your baby, so we will work hard to respect your time and efforts. But we also know that failing to act now may cause your family to lose access to any financial restitution you may be entitled to.

Please consider contacting a wrongful birth lawyer in Orlando, FL from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. today. Once we learn about your baby’s birth and your family’s situation, we will be able to advise you of your legal options. You will then be able to make whatever informed decision is best for you, your child and your family. We take pride in helping families through challenging legal situations and we look forward to speaking with you and yours.