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Medical Malpractice Lawyer In the medical world, there are a lot of mistakes that can amount to a medical malpractice suit. Whether it’s the doctor, the nurse, the x-ray technician or the physical therapist, medical errors are somewhat common among healthcare professionals. The following are some common reasons a patient might sue a medical professional. Misdiagnosis When doctors have a hard time diagnosing a particular patient, they sometimes go through a trial and error period
Personal Injury Lawyer Being involved in a car wreck can cause a variety of injuries, from bone fractures to head trauma. One of the most common injuries are back injuries. Spinal injuries can include problems that include herniated discs and soft tissue damage. If you believe you have suffered some kind of back trauma in a car wreck that was the fault of another, there are a few steps you can take if you want
Personal Injury Lawyer Owning a business can be hard at times. Technological advances, economic slowdowns, the political climate, or changing demographics can all spell problems for a company. As a business owner, how can you avoid personal bankruptcy when your business is in trouble? There are different options for discharge or reorganization of business debts, but it depends on how your company was structured as to whether you can separate your personal and business debts.
Marriage, relationships, and even parenthood have never been simple responsibilities in life. However, in Texas, domestic violence is not tolerated, and several types of domestic violence are classified to protect its citizens, as an Arlington, TX family lawyer can explain. Domestic violence is the use of force against another family member in a domestic situation. Domestic violence can include threats of violence, bodily injury, as well as anything that can cause physical harm to another.
According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 there were nearly 3 million non-fatal workplace accidents reported as worker’s compensation injuries. While some were likely minor injuries, in many cases, on-the-job accidents can result in major expenses including medical bills and lost wages. Common workers’ compensation incidents Some common injuries that occur at a place of employment include: ·       Overexertion. Muscle strains from overexertion are most common in factory
Medical Malpractice Lawyer If you or someone you love was recently injured as a result of medical treatment, you probably have a lot on your mind. You might be thinking about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, but where do you even begin with that process? You have probably heard that contacting an attorney is a vital step to take, but when should you do it? This guide will tell you exactly how quickly you should
When you are involved in a car accident case, the jury or judge may rule in your favor and grant you a financial award for damages. While this is good news, it, unfortunately, doesn’t mean the legal battles are over. Now you have to try to collect what the court ordered the other party to pay. How Quickly Do I Receive the Funds? If your claim went through a settlement process, you and the other
Slip and Fall Accidents As tempted as many people are to brush off a slip and fall injury and not make a big deal about the accident, it is okay to be concerned about your injuries and want to fight for compensation. Just because you need to be compensated for your injuries does not mean you are trying to put anyone out or make a scene. We want to remind all of our clients that
Parental Rights The family legal system usually functions just a few steps behind the evolution of the American family. It usually takes a fairly significant presence of a certain “kind” of American family in popular and mainstream culture before the law broadly embraces change. For example, it took a long time after divorce became commonplace before the family legal system began recognizing that stepparents who are significantly invested in their stepchildren’s lives should be entitled
An attorney has answered many questions during an appointment with clients who are interested in applying for social security disability benefits. The entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why we have dedicated our practice to helping those truly in need of support. Here are examples of questions our clients tend to ask us. If after reading the information below you have more questions, all you have to do is call! What does