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Personal Injury Lawyer In the city, car accidents happen. Everyone is in a rush and it isn’t uncommon for collisions to occur on busy streets. Sometimes, these accidents may even occur with cab drivers. If you were in an accident with a Yellow Cab driver, you may be unsure of what to do next. Your rights are the same with a cab driver as they would be with any driver. Don’t let the myths about
Worker’s compensation benefits are available to employees who are injured on the job, but do they apply under all circumstances? Actually, no. Worker’s compensation laws, requirements, and eligibility standards vary somewhat from one state to another, and the laws regarding third party liability may also vary depending on the circumstances of the accident. If you suffered a serious injury while on the job, regardless of who caused your injury, talk to a worker’s compensation lawyer.
Car Accident Lawyer To be involved in an accident is highly stressful. When you’re involved in an accident with a taxi, you may feel more at a loss. What do you do following an accident with a cab? The reality is that you should treat it similarly to other accidents. Here are three steps to do following an injury in a taxi. Gather Information Before you file a claim, you will want as much information
Car Accident Lawyer Your back is susceptible to a number of different types of injuries in a car accident, from the relatively mild to the dangerously severe. Sometimes the pain in your back from the accident may be evident right away, while other times it can take some time to develop. When it comes to back pain after an accident, you first have to take care of yourself physically, and then you have to look
Personal Injury Lawyer People often avoid filing personal injury lawsuits because they do not want the expense of hiring a private attorney, especially if they may lose the suit. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that the only way they receive a dime is if you win or settle your claim. Contingencies are the standard model for personal injury cases, but if you are unfamiliar with fee arrangements, the process
Personal Injury Lawyer Manufacturing has changed drastically in the last century. Products are mass marketed, and while the quantity is greater, the same cannot always be said about the quality. There are times that people purchase a defective product that causes serious injury to the user. In these situations, it is important that the victim take action. Product recalls are necessary for a reason, and if injuries are not reported and addressed, others may be
Personal Injury Lawyer When a work injury requires medical attention, the worker may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If the employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, the worker will have to file a claim of occupational injury before these benefits start being paid. Take a look at the four common benefits an injured employee may receive. 1. Medical Care Once a worker’s compensation claim is filed, the insurance carrier begins paying
Being injured on the job is bad enough without receiving a denial letter from your workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, denials are commonplace in many compensation programs. Fortunately, many disclaimers are only due to a clerical error and can often be resolved quickly without the need for an attorney. However, when the reason for the denial is something other than paperwork, it is usually a good idea to seek representation before moving any further with the
When a probate lawyer, like a probate lawyer in Arlington, TX,  hears the words “simple probate,” many things run through their heads. There are several different types of probate, and each type has a different type of filing that needs to occur with the county court.  For example, the typical Tarrant County probate process in Texas is that of simple Tarrant County probate. The typical probate process consists of an original will with a self-proving
An injury after an accident can impact your life on multiple levels. It can leave you on a long road to recovery or permanently disabled, suffering from financial loss and struggling to pay bills and fix damages. An insurance company can make life a lot harder, especially when it battles to pay you less than you fairly deserve. How to deal with the insurance company can depend on whose insurance you must work with: your