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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Miami, FL

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Miami FL5 Common Examples of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

A medical malpractice lawyer Miami Florida offers from the law firm of Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. may be able to help you get justice after sustaining a serious injury. If a settlement is not possible, one of our attorneys can represent you in a lawsuit against the guilty party. Call us today to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable lawyers.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are lawsuits based on acts of negligence within the medical field. A patient who has suffered damages from a breach of duty by a physician or other medical professional might consider consulting a personal injury lawyer about pursuing compensation. A Miami medical malpractice lawyer from our firm can review your case and offer guidance for moving forward. Here are five common examples of medical malpractice lawsuits:

1.Failure to Diagnose

If a physician fails to report information that would be medically beneficial to a patient, and this withholding of information caused the patient significant damages, a medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL victims turn to can take this to court.

-The victim can pursue compensation from the physician who failed to report critical information due to clinical oversight or their lack of skill.

-Negligence can be determined not only when a doctor’s actions are unreasonable or unethical, but also when a doctor’s skill level is below that of what is expected of a reasonably qualified physician.

2.Prescription/Medication Errors

This kind of medical malpractice lawsuit can occur when a physician prescribes the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.

-Prescribing the wrong dosage is the more common issue, but serious problems also arise if a doctor prescribes a medication to which the patient has a known allergy.

-Further, prescribing the wrong medication can seriously set back recovery time.
When dosage is the problem, a doctor may have written incorrect instructions which can cause the patient serious damages.

-The medication could have been properly prescribed but been administered in the incorrect dosage by nurses and staff. In this scenario, the supporting staff member might be held accountable. A medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL patients rely on can review your case and make that determination.

3.Obstetrician/Gynecologist Errors

Medical malpractice claims can also arise from errors/negligence committed by a physician who harms a mother and/or the child during pregnancy or childbirth. Negligence can occur by the physician in any number of ways, including:

-During a C-section procedure.

-Injury to the infant during labor.

4.Errors by an Anesthesiologist

The medical field known as anesthesiology is particularly susceptible to malpractice claims. This is because an anesthesiologist must be very precise in their administering of anesthesia.

-If the anesthesiologist commits any error, it could lead to brain damage or death.

-The anesthesiologist may be negligent by failing to inform the patient of critical information (for example, failing to tell them not to eat before surgery).

-Failure to understand or investigate complications that arise during the surgery.

-Failure to monitor the patient’s vital signs during the surgery and take appropriate actions.

5.Errors during Surgery

The potential errors on the part of the surgeon during surgery are numerous. A medical malpractice lawyer in Miami FL from our firm is familiar with these common surgical mistakes:

-Puncture of an internal organ.

-Forgotten surgical instrument in the patient’s body.

-Operation on the wrong body part.

-Sub-standard post-operative care.

-Unsanitary conditions leading to surgical site infection. Not all surgical site infections arise due to negligence and a medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL families recommend can help determine how it occurred.

If you or a loved one was injured due to medical negligence or carelessness, contact a medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL community members turn to from Needle & Ellenberg for help.

How Much Will My Medical Malpractice Award Be?

If you’re anticipating a medical malpractice award, you may be wondering how much you should expect to receive. As a Miami FL medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL can explain, your final award will be influenced by a number of factors.

The Extent of the Injuries You Suffered

Obviously, the major driver in your malpractice award is the extent of your injuries due to malpractice. Both your Miami FL medical malpractice lawyer and the physicIan’s insurance company attorneys are estimating the size of this award at each stage of the negotiation process. This might seem like it should be the only factor in your award, but unfortunately many other factors play a role.

The Certainty of a Win in Court

While most malpractice cases are settled before they get to court, the ultimate prospect of a jury trial is what drives the award process. The negotiation process is highly influenced by how certain both sides feel about their chances were the case to go to court. Some cases are well attested with a number of impartial witnesses. Some conduct by medical professionals is more egregious than others. And some cases have more “jury appeal” than others. While some of these factors may feel unfair, they do unavoidably influence the situation.

Your Ability to Hold Out Against a Quick Settlement

In a malpractice case, time is often on the side of the injured party. Initial offers before a suit is filed are often much less generous than offers once a suit has moved forward. Remember that a suit can be settled at any time prior to a jury reaching a verdict, but the more serious you and your medical malpractice lawyer in Miami FL are about moving forward if needed, the more the medical provider’s insurance company will typically be willing to offer.

Fees and Expenses Affect Your Net Amount

There are many different amounts to consider when understanding the value of a jury award or settlement. While a jury award will often include attorney’s fees and/or expenses, these fees will naturally go to the law firm. Expenses incurred in bringing the case, such as paying expert witnesses to testify, are often paid by the plaintiff’s attorney and these amounts come out of the award as well. If an attorney’s fee is paid on a contingency basis, as it often is, remember that expenses reduce the gross amount of the award before the percentage is applied.

It can certainly be nerve-wracking trying to understand how much to expect in a medical malpractice award, especially when the money is often intended to replace lost income. You need an experienced medical malpractice attorney Miami FL clients recommend from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. to give yourself the best chance for a maximum net award.

Do State Licensing Boards Prevent Dangerous Doctors from Practicing?

When we go to the doctor, we expect that the state’s licensing board has done due diligence and the person we put our trust in to treat us or our loved ones is qualified to practice medicine. But as a Miami FL medical malpractice lawyer can explain, investigations show that many physicians who lose their license just pack up their medical bags, move to another state, and continue to see patients.

And not only are these doctors still practicing medicine, they are also collecting millions of dollars in Medicare payments – this despite Medicare receiving notification of the original medical license suspensions. In one year, almost $7 million was paid to doctors who had suspended medical licenses in other states.

One investigation highlighted an example regarding a surgeon who lost his license to practice in one state after he was found guilty of “gross malpractice or gross negligence.” The doctor had performed surgery on a 36-year-old female patient suffering from acid reflux and an inflamed esophagus.

According to the original complaint, the surgery he performed was “not an accepted anti-reflux operation” and the doctor had been “struggling during the surgery, which was reportedly accompanied by copious bleeding.” The day following the surgery, the patient spiked a high temperature and her white-blood cell level increased, both signs of a possible infection. The patient also had an elevated heart rate. The doctor dismissed the blood test results as a lab error and failed to order a new test. He also ignored the abnormal heart rate. Instead, he sent the patient home, where she was found dead the next day.

The doctor tried to blame the patient’s death from an overdose of painkillers he had prescribed. The state licensing board disagreed and suspended his license. Among the long list of violations included “conduct which is dishonorable and which shows a disposition to lie, cheat and fraud.” Shortly thereafter, another state where the surgeon also was licensed, suspended his license to practice there, based on what the first state had uncovered. 

A third state, however, only required the doctor to get 20 hours of continuing education. He continued to treat patients – most, if not all, unaware of his dangerous past.

When You Need an Experienced Miami FL Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor, hospital, or other medical facility can be overwhelming and even a bit intimidating. This is why having a skilled and seasoned medical malpractice lawyer Miami FL clients recommend from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. representing you can make all the difference. We will work diligently to get you the compensation you may be entitled to.

Your Miami FL medical malpractice lawyer will aggressively advocate for you in obtaining funds for medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and emotional anguish. If you have been left with permanent disabilities, you could be entitled to compensation for that, as well as the loss of the ability to enjoy daily activities.

Call our office today to set up a free and confidential consultation with a member of our legal team and let us help get you the financial justice you deserve.